World Health Organization: World Report on Ageing and Health (2015)

The world report on ageing and health calls for urgent comprehensive public health action on population ageing.  Requiring fundamental shifts in how we think about ageing itself,  the world report outlines a framework for action to foster healthy ageing by focusing on functional ability.  Investments into health and ageing of older people will have valuable social and economic returns for health and wellbeing and on-going participation in society.

Applications and supporting documentation are to be sent to the Foundation of Registered Nurses of Manitoba. 

MGNA Nursing Distinction Award
The MGNA awards two distinction awards annually at the annual general meeting, one to an outstanding educator, researcher, or administrator and one to an outstanding clinician.  See the eligibility criteria and nominate a nurse that is exceptional in the field of gerontology!

Application: Education/Research/Administration

Application: Clinical

Deadline for applications:  April 27, 2020

Past Recipients:

1998     Jacqueline Petit - Clinical                                          2015     Jo-Ann LaPointe - Administration

1999     Donna Jamieson - Education                                  2016     Patty Johnson - Administration

2000     Ruby Laughren - Clinical                                          2017     Leslie Dryburgh - Clinical

2001     Beth Kondratuk - Education                                   2018     Jennifer Fulcher - Clinical

2002     Angela Cook - Clinical                                                2019     Anita Jacques - Administration

2003     Sandra Stec - Education                                            2020    Shannon Chartrand - Administration

2004     Sonja Lundstrom - Clinical                                     2020    Barbara Tallman - Research/Education

2005     Ann Lemiex - Education                    

2006     Poh Lin Lim - Clinical                           

2007     Lorna Guse - Education                     

2008     Sheila Kehler - Clinical                      

2009     Helen Zielinski - Education            

2010     Heli Dedi - Clinical

2011     Christine Johnson - Clinical

2012     Vernie Price - Clinical




CGNA Bi-Annual Conference

Application for scholarship funding for travel expenses for CGNA Bi-Annual Conference

Available here.

Deadline for applications: 

CGNA webinars

CGNA Scholarship

Manitoba Gerontological Nursing Association Award
In 1997 the MGNA partnered with the Foundation  of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (formerly known as Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses Foundation) to establish 2 $500 bursaries for nurses furthering their education in Gerontological Nursing.  These awards are offered annually in collaboration with the Foundation of Registered Nurses of Manitoba to support MGNA members in the pursuit of higher education, such as a bachelor degree, certificate program, or graduate studies.  

MGNA Conferences

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